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We offer specialised and comprehensive services in Poland, the European Union and in countries beyond the eastern border. We guarantee professional assistance at every stage of transport. We prepare the required documents. We only use a modern fleet of vehicles that ensure safe and timely transportation of cargo. Our services are covered by the carrier’s insurance.


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In our industry there is no place to compromise, so we only use a modern and specialized fleet of vehicles and semitrailers. We only select vehicles from world leaders in the manufacture of heavy goods vehicles to guarantee reliability, timeliness and safety. We care about the environment, which is why our fleet is certified Euro-5 and Euro-6.


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Our team is a group of specialists, which guarantees professional service at every stage of implementation. We are ready for great challenges, we know how to transport really the biggest loads. We provide fast preparation of required documents, travel route expertise, professional loading and unloading, as well as the operation of an experienced pilot.


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We specialize in transporting cargo with large dimensions. We offer our customers comprehensive logistic service at every stage of transport.

Our experience allows us to smoothly organize the transport in this reliable preparation of the necessary documents required in the transit countries concerned and to plan the optimum route with a professional pilot.

We provide transport of cargo using modern specialist vehicles and semitrailers. We are a reliable partner in the transport of construction and various types of machines.

Jalustan is a guarantee of fast and timely trans-normative transport.

Over sized Transport is a complicated project, so you should use the services of an experienced carrier. The following information will allow you to understand what our work is all about.

An important part of the project is proper planning of operations. A key task is to properly identify the type of transport, to establish a timetable, to ensure the safety and the preparation of documents, strictly defined in the MSWIA Regulation on non-legislative transport.

Cross-normative Transport requires specialized route planning. The carriage of heavy loads fails without a proper schedule and cost estimate. Depending on the type and size of the load, consideration must be given to the mobility on selected roads, the limits resulting from the width of the roadway, as well as bridges and viaducts.

The efficient execution of the order will also depend on the optimum travel hours and the correct stopping point.

In addition, a very important element will be the choice of the correct vehicle and specialised semitrailers to guarantee the safety of persons and cargo. Proper vehicle selection is also efficient and safe loading and unloading.

Non-current Transport is also associated with a number of permits and documents in force in the country and in all transit countries.

Licences shall relate to the passage on individual sections of routes, viaducts, bridges, etc. Documents describing the type of cargo, precise information on the specification and size of the column, the parties to the transaction, etc. are also required.

It is also important to draw up proper notice to the Police department in case the police escort is necessary.

During transport, the person responsible for the permits and documentation will be the pilot.

One of the most important issues of oversized transport is the provision of proper escorts for a heavy cargo vehicle. Pilotage is primarily the safety of road users and minimising hazards along the route. Pilotage is also a guarantee of safe and proper delivery of cargo to the destination of a truck with oversized load is required by law when the vehicle exceeds the following dimensions:

  • 23 m long,
  • 3.2 m wide
  • 4.5 m tall
  • 60 tonnes of total weight.

In the case of a vehicle column, the MSWIA regulation sets out the following requirements:

  • 30 m long:
  • 3.6 m wide
  • 4.7 m tall
  • 80 Total weight T

In certain cases, a police escort is also required. Depending on the route, the relevant police department should be notified of the planned transport. Police escort is required in case of one of the following circumstances:

  • The width of the roadway (including the shoulder of the same structure) left for the opposite direction of movement on the two-way road or for the same direction of movement on one-lane carriends is less than 2.5 m.
  • The length of the vehicle or the vehicle unit is greater than 40 m
  • The total length of the piloted vehicles is greater than 120 m.

The carrier’s obligation is to provide a pilot vehicle that satisfies the legal requirements in this regard. The vehicle shall have a special plate bearing the marking of the vehicle performing the pilot (in accordance with the guidelines of the Regulation), two yellow flashing lights on the roof, symmetrically according to the longitudinal axis of the car and one line with an array. The flashing lights shall be visible on each side of the vehicle at a distance of at least 150 m in the event of good air clarity. Equipment for direct radio communication with piloted vehicles and sound equipment.

We offer comprehensive forwarding services to help customers prepare the optimum form of transport. We will take care of every aspect of transportation organization both within the country and abroad.

We provide professional preparation of customs documents and necessary permits, planning the optimum route and choosing the right vehicle.

We respect your time, so we immediately proceed to the execution of the order.

We are constantly answering every question about the service and allow you to follow the progress of our work, also abroad.

SPEEDLINE TRANS guarantees fast and timely transport

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